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Useful Information

This page contains miscellaneous useful information, if there's something particular that you're looking for, its worth looking at our Contents page.

Complaints and Compliments

We get very many verbal compliments, but not many written ones. Below are links to our complaint and compliment forms, and also an information leaflet about complaints.

District Nurses and Gateway to care

  • The district nurses (who are run by Locala), can be contacted on 0300 304 5555.

  • Social services (which calls itself Gateway to Care), can be contacted by phoning 01484 414933.

There are also private care givers.


Do you get discomfort walking or running?

Podiatrists are expert in the biomechanics of the foot. We are very fortunate in Huddersfield to have a university department of Podiatry. They open up their services to the community. They charge a nominal fee, and will be very interested in your problem, and will work with you to solve it.

The department can be contacted by phoning 01484 472201 or by e-mailing

Care Phones

Care Phone

A care phone is the name of the phone that goes with the call for help pendants that you may have seen some people wearing.

To find out more about them please visit the Kirklees Council Care phone website.

Other useful contacts

Fees for non-NHS services

    Elderly drivers medical £110
    LGV/PSV/HGV medical £115
    Racing driver medical £160
    Seatbelt exemption report only £30
    Seat belt exemption certificate and medical (20 minute appointment also required) £110
    Bus pass/ travel meds/ council tax etc. £32
    Housing report/ claim forms/ holiday cancellation/Ofsted/ University etc. £46
    Holiday cancellation certificate - Report £46
    simple statements of fact eg (TWIMC/ OFSTED/UNIVERSITY) £32
    professional opinion required inc. housing, holiday cancellation, fit to undertake £47
    Firearms licence £50
    Fitness to travel certificate/ letter £28
    Insurance forms – PATIENTS request (e.g. claim forms) £46
    Private prescription £20
    Sick note – private/ certificate of attendance/ school sickness certificate £30
    Taxi medical £110
    Travel documents with medication £30
    Insurance reports – standard charge £94.30