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Sexual Health

Marie Stopes

Unwanted Pregnancy

If you have an unwanted pregnancy and are considering an abortion/termination, you can refer yourself (or just seek advice) by contacting Marie Stopes.

You can phone them on 0345 300 8090 24 hrs a day.

It is not necessary to see anyone at the surgery to have a termination through the NHS.

Locala Sexual Health

Infections and Infection Screening

locally Genitourinary-Medicine (GUM) clinics, (also called STI or Sexually-transmitted infection clinics), are run by Locala Sexual Health.

Clinics are held at:

Princess Royal Health Centre
Greenhead Road
To phone them dial 030 3330 9981.


They offer clinics both by appointment and have a walk-in and wait service. Their timetable is given below, (please note that the Saturday walk-in clinics are busy and you may need to wait longer).

Clinic Times

You can only get comprehensive sexual screening done at this clinic. The surgery is only able to offer limited screening.


Birth Control

General Contraceptive advice can be provided by any doctor, practice nurse or nurse practitioner at Shepley Health Centre.

In addition to this, our lady Doctor, Dr Walker also offers coil insertion (IUD's and IUS's) and contraceptive implants (Nexplanon). She asks that if you would like to consider one of these methods that you book an appointment with her specifically.

In addition to the services offered by us, you may, if you wish, access the contraceptive services offered by Locala Sexual Health.

Emergency Contraception

If you have had sexual intercourse without having used contraception, you can take emergency contraception. This works best if the treatment is taken as soon as possible after the event.

It is available over the counter from a pharmacist, through your doctors surgery or through the community contraception clinic run by Locala Sexual Health.