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We classify prescriptions into two types, acute prescriptions and repeat prescriptions.

A repeat prescription is one which is needed regularly, say for an item that is used daily or weekly, that will need renewing when the current supply runs out. For example a repeat prescription for blood pressure medication.
An acute prescription is for an item that is given as a one off or from time to time, such as a prescription for an antibiotic to fight off an infection.

If we give you a prescription, you are free to cash it at any pharmacy in the country.

Prescription Requests

Acute prescriptions are generally generated when a patient sees a clinician. Sometimes a patient may want an acute prescription and may not feel it necessary to see the doctor or nurse again. For example, if they had previously seen the doctor and been given some cream for a rash, and that same rash had returned they may just want a prescription for the cream again. In which case they could request a prescription, and it would be at the doctor's discretion if that prescription was issued without seeing the patient or not.

For repeat prescriptions it is expected that more will need to be ordered when the present supplies begin to dwindle, and for such items the prescribing clinician will set up the computer such that the reception is able to generate the prescription for a number of times before the clinician has to be consulted.

Prescriptions can be requested in person at the reception counter or to the doctor in person if you happen to have an appointment, via the phone or online.

Why is this so?

Except in exceptional circumstances, we no longer accept prescription requests from a pharmacy on your behalf.

Prescriptions must be collected from the surgery by a responsible adult.

Online Prescription ordering

Why is this so?

Our online system is open to all patients aged 16 and over.

Online Prescriptions

To use the service, you need to request logon details from the receptionist. The logon details that we provide you with will also grant you access to our online appointment booking service.
You can then use the login details to order repeat prescriptions by clicking on any of the following links (which are also reproduced at the top of each page of the surgery website).

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Ordering repeat prescriptions in person

When we give you a prescription, the right hand side of the prescription has a list of all of your repeat prescription items on it. Many people find it convenient to order repeat prescriptions by putting a tick against the items they want on this counterfoil, and posting it in the box in the waiting room at the surgery.

Telephone ordering of repeat prescriptions

Currently, except from in exceptional circumstances, the surgery only accepts telephone requests for repeat prescriptions between the hours of 9am and 1pm.

From 1st December 2019, the surgery will no longer be able to accept telephone requests for repeat prescriptions. Patients are instead encouraged to take advantage of the online system. This is a directive from our governing authorities. Some other surgeries stopped accepting prescriptions requests via telephone a long time before us.

Repeat Prescription ordering

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Whichever method of ordering is used, we ask that we be granted 48hrs notice to prepare a repeat prescription.

Many patients are already taking advantage of our electronic prescription service. This is where they nominate (either with the surgery directly or the pharmacy directly) a pharmacy where prescriptions can be sent to directly without the need of the usual piece of prescription paper. That way, after ordering the prescription, the patient need only go to the pharmacy directly to collect the items. For further details please ask the receptionist. Please note that there are a small number of items (mainly controlled drugs) which are not presently allowed to be sent through as electronic prescriptions, and the surgery computer will block all attempts to do this.

When the electronic prescription service is not used, unless otherwise explicitly specified, all prescriptions will automatically be put through to the Shepley pharmacy, from where the items can be collected directly.

Dosette boxes

Picture of a dosette box

For some people on multiple repeat medications, it can be very confusing knowing how to take their medication properly. Sometimes we are alerted by concerned friends or family members that a patient is making (or is in danger of making) mistakes with drugs, such as taking too many, omitting doses, or sometimes remembering and sometimes not.

The whole process can be greatly simplified by the use of dosette boxes. Many pharmacists offer the service of creating weekly blister packs with a whole weeks tablets in special packs. This is a very time consuming task for a pharmacy, and if you think it would benefit you or a relative of yours, please ask the pharmacy of your choice if they have capacity to do this for you. The surgeries part in the process, is to change the number of regular tablets generated on each prescription so that one weeks supply is given at any one time.


Pharmacists (sometimes known as chemists) are a widely underused resource in the NHS. They can offer free professional advice and you don’t need an appointment. The local pharmacist can help you with coughs and colds, aches and pains, along with advice about prescribed and over-the-counter medicines.

Sometimes the need arises to cash a prescription when the local pharmacy is closed. Often the in-house pharmacies in larger supermarkets are open as long as the store is open. If you are having trouble finding an open pharmacy, phone 111, and they will be able to advise you where you can go.

Prescription charges

For patients not entitled to free NHS Prescriptions, the current cost of an NHS prescription (payable to the pharmacy) is £9 per item.

Pre-payment certificates are available at a cost of £29.10 for 3 months or £104 for 12 months.

For more information click here.

For a small number of items not available for prescription on the NHS, the surgery generates private prescriptions. These can be presented to any pharmacy just like any regular prescription. The difference is that the pharmacy will charge you the price of the items which may be greater that the standard NHS prescription charge.