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Adult Mental Health

Often the first port of call for mental health issues is a GP or an advanced nurse practitioner. But there are some services that patients can refer themselves to directly, this is the focus for most of this web page.

Many people find mindfulness courses helpful.

The Crisis Team

If there is a crisis that needs immediate attention please call 01924 316830.


The focus of C.B.T. therapy is learning to control your emotions, and to gain strategies to help you cope and modify how you feel.

Locally, C.B.T. therapy is provided by the IAPT service.

Adult patients can refer themselves for cognitive behavioural therapy without a referral from their GP or nurse practitioner.

IAPT can be contacted by phoning 01484 434625, and their website can be access here.

They have produced a range of helpful leaflets that you can download here.


Since funding was withdrawn, the surgery no longer has in-house counselling.

There are many ways to access counselling without going through the GP surgery. For instance counselling can be accessed:

  • through work - some employers offer this service

  • Church Groups

  • Women's Centre Ltd. (phone 01484 450866)

  • Private counsellors

  • Kirkwood Hospice (phone 01484 557900)

  • Marriage counselling- Milnsbridge- 01484 461098 (good at a range of things)

  • Rape and Sexual abuse counselling (phone 01484 450040)

  • the Y.M.C.A. (phone 01484 461090)

The surgery can also refer to the local mental health trust for counselling (but it does seem to take a long time for appointments to be offered).

Mental Health Conditions

There is a lot of information about mental health conditions on the NHS website.

Self help leaflets on mental health conditions